Welcome to the CAM* era

Our AI technologies maximize cameras potential to derive actionable weather and environmental insights in support of your decision making

* Camera Aided Monitoring

Committed to innovation

WaterView is a one-of-a-kind company, blending expertise in fields such as meteorology, hydrology, environmental modeling, computer vision and AI in a team that is constantly looking for unconventional solutions to solve challenging problems in a fast changing world.

Meet WaterView

It all started with a vision

At WaterView we look at what the rest of the world considers simple cameras from a completely new perspective. By combining these ubiquitous digital eyes with our cutting edge computer vision technologies, we can turn each camera into a non-dedicated multivariable sensor. That’s one small step for a camera, one giant leap to reduce the costs of granular, real-time weather and environmental monitoring.

Our innovation


Video analytics for multivariable weather monitoring

Discover WeatherCAM


Video analytics for snow cover detection on road pavement

Discover SnowCAM


Video analytics for flooded road detection

Discover FloodCAM


Video analytics for smoke detection in outdoor environments

Discover SmoCAM


Managing weather effects on traffic and mobility

Weather has a broad and major impact on the capacity and safety of roadways, and results in substantial costs for the governments and the private agencies responsible for their maintenance. Reliable and real time information on road conditions gathered by CAM modules can be helpful for both drivers and operators to:

- Identify risks related to poor visibility or road slipperiness
- Adapt driving behaviour in bad weather
- Better plan day by day operations and long term maintenance activities


Planning production and infrastructure operation

Powerline networks or solar plants are sensitive to both weather and environmental conditions. Cameras are often used to surveil the main nodes of a network or for perimeter defense, and with CAM modules they can also help to:

- Detect smoke plumes and warn about fire risk
- Monitor weather in remote areas and plan workmen activities
- Identify weather conditions that favour snow accretion and icing on network equipment


Reacting, adapting and recovering from natural hazards

Increasing urbanization and climate change ask for smart solutions to cope with the effects of both routine and extreme weather events. In cities where cameras are installed at each street corner, data collected by CAM modules are fundamental to:

- Increase citizens’ situational awareness of natural risks
- Identify local hazardous situations, like urban flooding or fire ignition
- Return significant insights on how air quality is affected by weather

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