Introducing CliCK

Powerful edge AI

CliCK is the Edge AI solution developed by Waterview and Eurotech to extract from cameras real time information on extreme weather events and its effects.

Weather resilience

CliCK generates data and alerts that may raise people’s awareness, reduce risks and losses, save lives, thus supporting climate adaptation strategies to increase community resilience.

Why edge AI?

Edge AI produces actionable insight where it’s needed, by using video analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and sensor fusion on suitable hardware and electronics.

How it works

CliCK is a one-of-a-kind solution embedding advanced AI weather analytics on a cybersecure edge appliance powered by Nvidia GPU, with a complete set of tools for remote device/app management, VMS integration, local/remote data exchange.

Connect to any camera

CliCK is a plug&play device connected to a pool of cameras that processes streaming video at the edge

Weather analytics

CliCK applications transform cameras into multi-purpose and proactive weather and environmental sensors, always in operation

Use your data

Realtime alert messages are exposed to the video management system (VMS) in the control room


CliCK comes with the following unique features:

IEC 62443-4-1/-4-2 cybersecurity certifications

Azure IoT certified

Milestone XProtect integrated

Eurotech Everyware Cloud native enhance secure device management and remote access

Integrated anonymizer for faces and license plates

AWS certified

Embedded Everyware Software Framework (Jave/OSGi) IoT framework


CliCK includes the following AI weather analytics*:

weatherCAM: to detect rainfall and snowfall events and estimate their severity

floodCAM: to identify flooded areas on the ground

snowCAM: to detect snow settling on the ground

visCAM: to estimate visibility distance in presence of fog, smoke and precipitation

smoCAM: to detect smoke plumes and fire in outdoor

* Up to 40 instances overall (one per camera)


CliCk can be used with cameras with the following minimum requirements:

IP cameras

Minumum resolution 2 Mpx

Sensor size > 1/2.8"

Max focal length 10mm

Support for RTSP and http protocols

Embedded IR illuminator (for rainfalland snowfall detection)

External sources of visible light for flood, snow cover and visibility detection in nighttime

Our partners

Eurotech edge appliances, whose state-of-the-art, cybersecure hardware and IoT-to-cloud software frameworks streamline the integration of any architecture

Axis Communications cameras, whose open API and application platform add flexibility to edge AI deployments, enable the easiest and most cybersecure video, data and events exchange

Milestone XProtect VMS, whose unique features make the application and integration of AI analytics on large camera networks straightforward

GPUs and software frameworks that make AI analytics lightning fast, a key requirement for people safety in risky weather

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