Video analytics for flooded road detection

Don't get fooled by the flood

The prompt detection of large water ponds, flooded areas on road pavement or swollen riverbeds is critical for both people and infrastructure safety. WaterView introduces floodCAM, a video analytics solution for using surveillance cameras to detect hazardous accumulation of water on the road and in riverbeds.

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Real time detection

floodCAM works in real time, no matter if flooding is due to the effects of local heavy rainfall or river overflowing

Pioneering AI

floodCAM is powered by state of the art computer vision and machine learning technologies, and is optimized to process large amounts of images in short time

Always at your side

floodCAM detects flooded areas in both urban and suburban contexts, and returns valuable alerts with straight, curved and mixed roads

Enhanced protection

floodCAM is the perfect tool to improve safety in a variety of situations:

Riverside and coastline roads

These areas are the pronest to flood events induced by climate change

Tunnels and underpasses

These places can be suddenly flooded, seriously threatening people' safety

Cultural heritage and archaeological sites

These sites are among the most fragile and sensitive to natural hazards

Flexibility at its best

floodCAM is flexible and versatile by nature, to work with virtually any camera and effectively support decision making processes

Your cameras will shine

floodCAM can be used with any IP surveillance camera with a Full HD minimum resolution, and performs server side analytics that can be easily interfaced with third party solutions like Video Management Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems or Decision Support Systems

Meaningful information

floodCAM outputs are multichannel notifications that contain information about the name and position of the flooded road, as well as the percentage of the road branch submerged by water

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