Video analytics for smoke detection in outdoor environments, with visible cameras

See the intangible

Early warnings are crucial to limit wildfires and their damages to people, natural heritage and properties. With smoCAM, cameras become new allies in firefighting, even when other sensors fail

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Visible? Affordable!

smoCAM is a video analytics solution that works in the visible spectrum and uses common surveillance cameras to early detect smoke plumes in outdoor, thus reinforcing prevention activities even when expensive thermal cameras or other sensors cannot be used

State of the art AI

smoCAM is based on cutting edge computer vision techniques and machine learning technologies, to ensure detection accuracy in a variety of scenarios

It works everywhere

smoCAM properly detects smoke plumes in both natural and urban contexts, no matter if the images are shot at ground level or are aerial ones, and correctly distinguishes smoky from foggy pictures

Smoke plume detection along a road, on background

Smoke plume detection in natural environment

Smoke plume detection from a drone camera

Flexibility at its best

smoCAM is flexible and versatile by nature, to work with virtually any camera and effectively support decision making processes

Enhance your cameras

smoCAM can be used with any IP surveillance camera with a Full HD minimum resolution, and performs server side analytics that can be easily interfaced with third party solutions like Video Management Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems or Decision Support Systems

Meaningful information

smoCAM outputs are multichannel notifications that contain information about the name and position of the camera that has detected the smoke plume, as well as an estimation of the distance of the plume from the camera

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