Video analytics for snow cover detection on road pavement

Don't be snowed under with snow

WaterView introduces snowCAM, a video analytics solution for using cameras to promptly detect snow cover on the road pavement in real time.

Download snowCAM brochure

Cutting edge AI

snowCAM is powered by state of the art computer vision and machine learning technologies developed by WaterView R&D department

Light and fast

snowCAM has been optimized to process large amounts of images in short time even in embedded environments, from both fixed and mobile cameras, like those on vehicles or drones


snowCAM detects snow covered areas in both urban and suburban contexts, in day or night time, and returns valuable alerts of snow presence with straight, curved and mixed roads

Snow detection along a road

Detection of snow presence and absence in urban environment, in daylight and nighttime

Snow detection on a suburban road, in daylight and nighttime

Snow detection on walkways in a pedestrian urban area, in daylight and nighttime

Flexibility at its best

snowCAM has been designed with flexibility in mind, to be compatible with virtually any camera and effectively support decision making processes of road administrations

Enhance your cameras

snowCAM can be used with any camera with a Full HD minimum resolution, and its outputs can be easily interfaced with third party solutions like Video Management Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Meaningful information

snowCAM outputs are multichannel notifications that contain information like the presence of snow on the ground, the percentage of the road covered by snow and, depending on the type of source camera, the name and position of the road

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