Video analytics for weather monitoring with non dedicated cameras

What's the weather? Ask your camera!

weatherCAM combines cutting edge computer vision with a clever use of camera sensors, disrupting the current panorama of weather monitoring by turning non dedicated, existing cameras into the weather stations of the IoT era.

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weatherCAM enables cameras to track


Gauge rainfall intensity with 5 minute resolution


Detect snowfall inception , duration and settling


Detect hail presence and severity


Track environmental temperature


Assess visibility drops due to fog, smoke, precipitations

Visibility estimation

Rain detection and rainfall intensity gauging

Snow detection (with falling angle estimation) and temperature tracking

weatherCAM & Atroona

weatherCAM processes the images and computes raw weather data on both the cameras or a local server, while a backend module called Atroona stores and combines data into useful outputs like live weather maps, weather notifications, etc.

Weather at your fingertips

Atroona is the perfect weatherCAM companion. It is available in both SaaS and on-premise modes, and includes:

A database

to store raw weather data


to visualize and download weather data and analytics

A notification centre

to set automatic and multichannel weather alerts, based on threshold events defined by the user


to smoothly integrate weather analytics into user’s workflows and/or third party solutions.

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