Harness the power of Visual Intelligence.

Visual Intelligence is the ability to perceive, analyze, understand, store, and recall visual information.
It is also what we do with our highly specialized visual AI solutions, to inform business decision making and address complex problems in monitoring, prevention, and safety.

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Our partners

Our partners

Who we are - what we do

WaterView is an innovative, agile and reliable company serving customers who need to collect field information to:

  • manage ordinary operations
  • plan maintenance activities
  • ensure the safety of users and operators

Our solutions are camera-agnostic, meaning they use images captured by any camera, no matter if it’s a CCTV or a vehicle one. Furthermore, with us you can analyze and anonymize images at the edge, close to the camera or on the camera itself.


We help companies and authorities/agencies optimize daily operations, plan strategic maintenance activities, and ensure the safety of users and operators.
Our solutions lie on a modular software architecture that offers unique features like:

Hardware neutrality

Remote updates and management

Cyber security

Load balancing

With our field data collection solutions, you can manage your operations efficiently and smoothly. Proactively plan maintenance to avoid costly breakdowns and extend the useful life of your equipment. In addition, constantly monitor safety to identify and address potential risks in a timely manner.

Furthermore, with us you can analyze and anonymize images at the edge, by using smart cameras, like those manufactured by Axis Communications, or smart gateways and edge AI units, like the ones produced by Eurotech. This way our real time analytics will benefit from low latency and proximity, a more effective workload balancing, scalability, information security and privacy compliance.

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Visual Intelligence services solutions designed for

Enhance infrastructure safety with our Visual AI solutions designed to provide accurate and timely monitoring of different assets, to effectively prevent and manage dangerous situations and malfunctions.

Automate and optimize industrial production processes with our innovative technologies. We reduce inspection time and increase accuracy compared to manual and less advanced systems, ensuring high quality standards. With our edge AI software, we can process and transmit data from any complex or remote environments, always by complying with CISO constraints.

Our customized solutions can be integrated with existing systems. Always up-to-date data collection solutions and management software, source reliable information at an affordable cost, allowing for more efficient monitoring and timely actions.



CliCK - Climate Camera Kit

CliCK is a visual intelligence platform on weather, climate and environment. We turn existing or newly installed cameras into intelligent, remotely managed eyes. Data is processed securely and efficiently to identify critical events, thus ensuring the safety of people and infrastructure.

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Road Weather Platform

To automatically detect the onset of snow settlements and snow-covered areas from cameras, alert motorists to ice-risks, and support pro-active maintenance operations.

  • Transportation network operations
  • Infrastructure security
  • Fleet management

Fire Early Warning

To early-detect smoke plumes and fires from cameras, prevent wildfires and reduce the time of intervention by fire fighters

  • Wildfires Prevention
  • Infrastructural safety
  • Industrial safety

Early Warning for Ice Risk

To promptly detect events connected to ice risk from cameras, alert infrastructure managers for pro-active maintenance and support people safety counter-actions

  • TSO & DSO operations
  • Industrial safety
  • Transport network safety

Airport Control Towers

To estimate the visibility distance in airport runways from cameras, alert control towers for poor visibility conditions and support air traffic management operations.

  • Airport Operations
  • Adaptive lighting
  • Transport network safety

Smart City Sentinels

To automatically identify flooded areas (and liquid spills) from cameras to prompt aware reactions in urban, transport and asset management operations.

  • Urban floods management
  • Transport network operations
  • Industrial and people safety


TraCK - Transport Camera Kit

TraCK is a visual intelligence platform for road management applications. We transform existing or newly installed cameras into intelligent, remotely managed eyes. Data is processed securely and efficiently to identify defects or incompliances that may put people and infrastructure safety at risk.

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Road Digital Twins

To digitize road infrastructure assets and generate georeferenced maps with information relating to vertical signs, accesses, barriers, works of art, etc.

  • Maintenance and management of transport networks
  • Digitization and infrastructure 4.0

Road Works Sign Compliance

To automatically identify the correct placement of temporary signs for the safety of workers and users of the road infrastructure.

  • Compliance of roadworks signs
  • Safety and operation of transport networks

Infrastucture Defects

To promptly identify defects and damages to infrastructure assets, using fixed or moving cameras, thus supporting ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities.

  • Transport networks operations
  • Infrastructure safety

Vegetation Interference Management

To track patches of unwanted vegetation along the road/railbed using on-board vehicle cameras, supporting periodic maintenance where the indiscriminate use of pesticides is not permitted.

  • Ecological maintenance
  • Transport network operations
  • Industrial safety

Road Tunnel Lights

For using on-board vehicle cameras to check the status and conditions of road tunnel lights, the most important asset to guarantee the safety of people driving in underground infrastructures.

  • Operational efficiency
  • Continuous maintenance
  • Driving safety

Road Surface Marking

To identify the absence or the bad conditions of horizontal traffic signs and any kind of device or material that is used on a road surface in order to convey information to drivers.

  • Workers and drivers safety
  • High service levels
  • Proactive maintenance


QuICK - Quality Inspection Camera Kit

QuICK is our industrial anomalies detection system.
ML algorithms analyze images in real time to detect anomalies and notify the QA service. The (anonymized) supporting images can be systematically archived too.

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Worker Safety

To automatically identify the correct use of personal protective equipment, helping to increase the safety of people working on construction sites.

  • Verify the correct use of personal protective equipment
  • Safety management in construction sites

Waste Management

To promptly identify plumes of smoke coming from piles of waste, before fire spreads to the entire plant.

  • Industrial fire prevention
  • Air quality protection
  • Industrial safety

Industrial Liquid Spills

To identify spills of water and other liquids from industrial processes, and act promptly to limit potential risks of contamination.

  • Contamination prevention
  • Soil protection
  • Industrial safety

Hidden Damage Detection

To identify scratches, impact marks and other superficial aesthetic defects that may be beyond the operator's control, leading to customer requests for replacement or refund.

  • Quality assurance
  • Customer Service

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Why adopt visual intelligence?

There are many risks associated with a company's failure to adopt computer vision.

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Operational Inefficiency:

Without the automation provided by computer vision, business processes could take more time and human resources to complete, compromising the overall operational efficiency of the organization.

Human errors:

The absence of computer vision could increase the risk of human errors in business processes involving image analysis and interpretation. This could lead to defective products, quality problems and customer dissatisfaction.

Lack of Competitiveness:

Companies that neglect the adoption of this technology could find themselves at a disadvantage to competitors that already benefit from computer vision, thus losing market positions.

Safety and Compliance:

Lack of computer vision could compromise safety and compliance with rules and regulations. Without the ability to monitor and detect potentially dangerous situations, companies could put the safety of employees and users at risk, thus incurring in fines or penalties for regulatory violations.

Lack of Insights and Analysis:

Computer vision enables the extraction of insights and in-depth analysis of visual data. Without it, companies could lose valuable information about their operations, customer behaviors, and other data that are relevant to business success.

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