CAM modules are backed by Atroona, a set of tools to easily integrate weather insights in control rooms’ workflows. 
Atroona includes:

A database

to store raw weather data

A set of tools

to access, visualize and download weather analytics

A notification centre

to set automatic weather alerts based on events defined by the user

Administration tools

to manage connected cameras


to smoothly exchange weather analytics with third party solutions

A flexible architecture

With a modular architecture, all Atroona deployments can be configured to work with the CAM modules chosen by the customer. Atroona comes in two flavours:


for customers that rely on external IT resources and use standard solutions (annual subscription). Atroona SaaS is based on AWS instances, Agid certified to serve public administrations

On premise

for customers that rely on their own IT or need customizations (one-off licenses). Atroona can be deployed on both physical and virtual machines, and is compliant with high availability standards

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